Featuring a Large and Outstanding Lifetime Collection of Antique & Vintage Firearms including Rifles, Shotguns and Revolvers. The Collection includes many Lever Action “Old West” Winchesters and Colt Revolvers.

Began: 08/18/18 at 9:30 AM CDT
Location: Dalton Community Event Center, Dalton, MN




JOHN LOOMER ESTATE – Butch Loomer Estate Representative


AUCTION LOCATION: Dalton Community Event Center, Downtown Dalton, MN.

Directions: Dalton is located approx 10 Miles Southeast of Fergus Falls off 1-94/Hwy 35 then North into town on Hwy 35.

*Large and Outstanding Lifetime Collection of Antique & Vintage Firearms*

   Note: John Loved to Collect the Old West and Vintage Hunting Related. It’s our Honor to be Chosen to Sell this Part of His Outstanding Collection. If You Like the Vintage this is a “Can’t Miss Firearms and Collector Auction”.

Collection includes many Lever Action “Old West” Winchesters and Colt Revolvers with several Colts being 1st & 2nd Gen’s. Makers include Winchester, Colt, Sharps, Spencer, Marlin, Browning and Others

Also Old West Collectibles including Saddles, Holsters, Spurs and Other Native American Indian and Cowboy Collectibles. Along with Vintage Ammo and Sporting/Hunting Collectibles and Unique Items.   


Live Onsite Bidding along with Simulcast Online Bidding!

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PREVIEW FRIDAY AUG 17 4-6PM and before Auction Start




Mfg 1903 Colt Single Action 1st Generation S.A.A. 45cal Revolver Serial #249596, 4 ¾” Barrel. Nice, honest S.A. With COLT LETTER.

Mfg 1959 Colt Single Action 2nd Generation S.A.A.Revolver Serial # 26712, 45 cal. 5 ½” Barrel. Early 2nd generation -Very nice

Mfg 1975 Colt New Frontier Single Action Revolver 22 cal L.R., 6” barrel, Serial #G156018, Case hardened frame – looks 95+% condition

Mfg 1962 Colt Single Action Frontier Scout 22 L.R. 22 mag Revolver, Serial #190482F, 4 ¾” barrel, Dual Cylinder w/box and paperwork. Not a lot of use, has not been fired much, 98+%.

Colt 1851 Navy 2nd Generation 36cal, Serial # 6544. New in box scarce “picture box”

Mfg 1902 Colt Double Action Thunder 41cal Revolver, Serial #133629, 4 ½” barrel – Nice hard rubber grips

Mfg 1901 Colt Frontier Six Shooter Single Action Revolver 44-40cal, Serial # 204402, 4 ¾” barrel, Nickel finish, professionally restored action. Bore very good.

Mfg U.S. Single Action Colt 45,PT F.A. MFG Co Serial #P12551, 5 ½” Barrel. As new in box.

Mfg 1975 Colt Single Action Peace Maker Revolver, 22 L. 22Mag, 4 ¼” Barrel, Serial # G142644, Dual cylinder w/box.

Mfg 1894 Colt Antique 1889 Navy Double Action 38 Colt Revolver Serial #28649

Mfg 1973 Colt Single Action Frontier Scout Revolver, Serial #G73085, 22 L.R. 22 Mag, 4 ¼” Barrel, Dual Cylinder. Light use, high condition & in box.

Mfg 1976 Colt Single Action New Frontier Revolver Serial #G168482, 22 L.R. 22 Mag, 4 ¼” barrel, Dual cylinder – no sleeve for box

Mfg 1961 Colt Buntline Scout Revolver Serial #6736K 22 L.R., 9 ½” Barrel, Nickel platted and wood grips. Only 2635 manufactured from 1961-70.



Mfg 1905 Winchester Model 1886 Serial #137818, 33cal WCF, 24” Round barrel, Shotgun butt plate, take down, lyman peep sight, stunning beautiful carving left stock w/Winchester LETTER

Mfg 1896 Winchester Antique Model 1894 30 WCF, Serial # 58585, w/26” Round barrel – Early Antique with LETTER.

Mfg 1890 Winchester Antique Model 1886 45-70cal, Serial #46677, 26” Octagon Barrel – Good to very good bore. With LETTER.

Mfg 1901 Winchester Model 1894 30WCF, Serial #241602, 26” Half octagon & half round barrel, Button magazine, checkered deluxe pistol grip with cap, crescent butt place – With LETTER

Mfg 1902 Winchester Model 92 38 WCF Serial # 209654, 24” Round barrel, Take down and excellent bore. With LETTER

Mfg 1888 Winchester Antique Model 1886 40-65cal LA Serial #35532, 26” Octagon Barrel. With LETTER.

Mfg 1905 Winchester 1894 Saddle Ring 38-55cal Serial # 345092, 20” Round Barrel. Scarce caliber in saddle ring. With LETTER.

Mfg 1896 Winchester Antique Model 1894 32-40cal Serial #97764, 26” Octagon Barrel. Rare caliber, very good bore.

Mfg1911 Winchester Model 1892 Serial #605805 25-20cal Octagon Barrel Take down – superb bore.

Mfg 1905 Winchester Model 1894 Serial #334537, 38-55cal, 26” octagon barrel, engraved(non-factory) – Good Bore

Mfg 1941 Winchester Model 94 Eastern Carbine Serial #1142151, 30 WCF. 20” Round barrel, Shotgun butt – Minty bore

Mfg 1909 Winchester Model 1892 Serial #485118. 32 cal. 24” Round barrel. Good clean Winchester, good bore.

Mfg 1922 Winchester Model 94 Saddle Ring 30cal WCF, Serial #935601, 20” Round barrel, King full-buck horn sight.

Mfg 1912 Winchester Model 1894 32Win Special, Serial #688026, 26” Barrel, ½ mag, Take- down nickel steel – Fair to good bore

Mfg 1909 Winchester Model 92 Lever Action, 25-20cal Serial #488263, 24” Octagon barrel, Lyman peep sight, and globe front sight. Mint bore.

Mfg 1896 Winchester Antique Model 1895 40-72cal, Serial #335, Octagon Barrel, Savage butt plate – very low serial #

Mfg 1925 Winchester Model 94 32WS, Serial # 970377, 20” Round Barrel, Eastern Carbine, Receiver mounted Lyman peep sight and Checkered wood

Mfg 1905 Winchester Model 1894 32WS 26” Octagon Barrel Serial #317837

Winchester Model 94 LA 30WCF Serial #1471248, Flat Band 20” Barrel. Very good bore.

Mfg 1917 Winchester Model 92 38-40cal, Serial #830105, 24” Octagon Barrel, Button magazine and peep sight. Bore condition 9.75.

Mfg 1913 Winchester Model 1894 30WCF Serial #714534, 22” Round barrel, Deluxe checkered stock, take down rapid tapered barrel, ½ magazine & shotgun butt. Very nice custom redone.

Mfg 1894 Winchester Antique Model 92 Serial #73443 38 WCF, Octagon barrel, ½ magazine take down.

Mfg 1916 Winchester 1892 Saddle Ring 32-20cal LA Serial #839394, 20” Round Barrel. Scarce caliber.



Mfg 1917 Winchester Model 90 22 WRF, Serial #586099, Octagon barrel – Mint bore.

Mfg 1937 Winchester Model 70 Serial # 9383 30-06cal – Second year production.

Mfg 1937 Winchester Model 62 Serial #67484 22 S.L.LR. w/Corn cob fore grip

Mfg 1928 Winchester Model 90 22cal Short, Serial # 712727, 24” Octagon barrel, Crescent butt plate, nickel-very good plus bore, receiver

Mfg 1956 Winchester Model 61 Serial #215728  22 L.S.LR. w/24” Barrel.

Mfg 1952 Winchester Model 63 22cal LR, Serial # 115524A, Nice Original Condition Winchester

Mfg 1959 Winchester Model 70 Serial 300 H&H Sn#500405, 26” Barrel, Swivels & sling – Excellent inside and out.

Mfg 1932-1937 Winchester Model 1906 22 S.L.LR. Serial # 777219R w/Lyman tang sight – mint bore.

Mfg 1940 Winchester Model 63 22cal LR Serial #43887, Factory tapped for tang sight. High condition, all original.

Mfg 1916 Winchester Model 3 22cal Serial #86868, 20” Barrel, 22 Winchester auto – very good bore.

Mfg 1946 Winchester Model 62 22cal S.L.LR. Serial #179879, High condition, original finish.



Mfg 1940 Winchester Model 12 3” “Duck Gun” Serial #838659 12ga Full choke 30” barrel, Solid rib, checkered stock & fore-grip, w/Winchester rubber butt plate.

Mfg 1936 Winchester Model 12 16 gauge full choke, Serial #713492, Solid rib barrel, lyman choke factory installed

Mfg 1915 Winchester Model 1912 12ga Serial # 120456, 30” Barrel, Solid rib, re-blued & wood refinished.

Shipped 1902 Winchester Model 1897 12ga Serial # 178527, 30” Barrel. Engraved matted barrel, pigeon grade, black diamond checkered stock and fore-grip

Winchester M59 12ga, Serial # 62200, Engraved, factory w/Rare Factory Win-chokes

Winchester Lever Action Model 1887 10 ga, 30” barrel – Been Redone – Allegedly found under Al Capone’s cabin in Wisconsin (We have no Provenance)

Mfg 1946 Winchester Model 12 20ga, Serial # 1064104, 28” barrel, full choke, White lined pad, plugged receiver holes. Nice blue.

Mfg 1917 Winchester 1912 Trap 12ga, Serial # 140583, full choke trap, 30” Barrel, Solid rib- English checkered stock. Nicely re-blued.

Mfg 1949 Winchester Model 12ga Serial # 1230233, full choke. 28” Barrel, Engraved and nice wood checkered and Winchester butt plate. Non-factory engraved – Nice Gun.

Mfg 1951 Winchester Model 12 16ga Serial #1308000, modified choke. 26” Barrel. High condition.

Winchester 24 Double 12ga SxS Serial #4, Improved/modified choke, 26” Barrel. Low serial # Model 24, complete with hard case.

Mfg 1945 Winchester Model 97 12ga Serial #913042, full choke, 30” Barrel Take down.

Mfg 1919 Winchester Model 1912 12ga Serial #210297, full choke, 30” Barrel, solid rib. English stock checkered. Factory order-very rare



Sharps Antique Saddle Ring Carbine New Model 1850, Serial #68423, 50-70Gov – Good old Civil War Era Sharps – good bore.

Springfield US Stamped 1861 Civil War Musket 58cal – Completed with bayonet & deteriorated sheath and ramrod

Springfield U.S. Stamped Antique 1873 45-70cal Saddle Ring Carbine Serial #452374, Indian Wars – nice bore with case.

Mfg 1899 Springfield Armory U.S. Stamped 1898 Kraig Serial #225007 30-40 Kraig cal, Nice cartouche, with bayonet & sheath, U.S. stamped and leather sling



Mfg 1906 Marlin 93 32-40cal Serial #332447, 26” Half round & half octagon barrel, Pistol gripped checkered, take down and tang sight marbled. Rare.

Mfg 1896 Marlin Antique Model 1893 33-55cal Serial #139318, 26” Octagon Barrel. Pretty good bore.

Marlin Model 20-A 22 S.L. LR. w/24” octagon barrel.

Mfg 1891 Marlin Antique Model 1889 32calW Serial #48209. 24” Octagon barrel w/pistol grip

Mfg 1904 Marlin Model 1897 22 S.L.LR., Serial #276901, 24” Octagon barrel, Replaced butt plate

Mfg 1902 Marlin Model 1897 22cal Serial #228041, 24” Octagon Barrel, Pistol gripped checked wood and special front sight



Mfg Beretta BL3 28ga, Serial #N00472, over & under, full choke, modified choke, ventilated rib barrel and Select gold single trigger.

First Year Production Remington Model 12 Serial #685, completely restored, globe front sight, peep sight w/very good bore.

Mfg 1971 Belgium Browning A-5 Serial #71V80245, 12ga 3” Mag 30” Barrel, Vent rib barrel, w/mod choke.

Mfg 1901 Remington Double Barrel 12ga Serial #313075, 30” Barrel – Nice condition, solid gun.

Ithaca 16ga Double SxS Serial #301654 – Scarce ejector model.

Weatherby Model 82 12ga Serial #82-08385, 2 ¾” mag or 3” mag, 30” Barrel, Ventilated rib – Will handle steel shot and with removable choke tube.

Made by Crescent Arms for Folsom Bros. Sporting Goods, NY. Double barrel outside hammer 12ga Serial #391809, 30” Barrel. Case color and envelope with documentation.

Mfg 1923-1935 Marlin 44 20ga Serial #5543, 25” Barrel, Deluxe matted barrel & pistol grip.

Made by Crescent Arms for Folsom Bros. Sporting Goods, NY. Double barrel 12ga Serial #66938, choke bored, 30” Barrel and Case colored.

N.R. Davis & Sons Side x Side Hammer 12ga – Very good condition.



Mfg 1903 Colt Small Frame Lightning 22cal Rifle, Serial # 75761, Octagon barrel – Missing extractor & dust cover. Fair condition

Mfg 1902 Colt Side Action Small Frame Lightning Serial #67160, 22cal. 24” Octagon Barrel. Good bore.

Mfg 1928 Savage Model 99 300 Savage Serial #315058, 24” Barrel, Take down, Special Lyman peep sight, deluxe checkered. High condition, near perfect bore.

Mfg 1906 Remington 760 Carbine Game Master Serial # 368397. 308. 18 ½” Barrel 3×9 Bushnell scope, sling and quality Redfield scope mount

Steyer Model 1900 Serial #14/552 – believed to be 6.5-53. Sporterized Austrian Military rifle, custom sights – Very good bore



Great Western Arms Frontier Six-Shooter Revolver Serial #GW7845, 22cal 5 ½” barrel w/holster

Mfg 1860-1868 Smith & Wesson Antique Bottom break Model #1 Revolver, 2nd Issue, Serial #112599 22cal 7 shot w/brass frame and holster.

Great Western II Single action Army model 45cal 5 ½” barrel, Serial #E04012

Regent Firearms Double Action Revolver Serial #R74309, 22 L.R., 6” Barrel, 8 shot, stamped barrel. Made in USA.

Hi-Standard Sport King 22cal LR Serial #G14673, 4 ½” barrel. New in box, manufactured prior to 12-31-1976.

Iver Johnson Target Model 57 Serial #9939 22cal 6” barrel, missing front sight, double action w/ holster

Iver Johnson Antique 22cal 7 shot double action Revolver

1917 Flare Gun Serial #642, 7” Barrel w/Brass Receiver



Mfg 1954-1984 Colt Conversion Unit from 45cal to 22 cal. Original wood grain box, adjustable sight version, and complete conversion kit.

1873 Winchester LA Parts

Colt Lightning Antique Rifle. PARTS GUN



Nazi Training Rifle. Serial # 7576. 22 cal. Wall Hanger.

Mfg 1903 Winchester

Continental Arms Single Shot 12ga shotgun

Terni Bolt Action Military Style Serial # GF426. Believed to be 6.5 Carcano



Many Vintage Holsters – Several Tooled Ones

Mainly Six Shooter Revolver both Single and Double

One Holster Rig Made by Joe Conon Las Vegas who was an Engraver for Winchester



Large Selection of Vintage and Using Ammo/Complete w/boxes

Brands include Winchester, Remington, Western, Peters, Federal, Sears, Holiday, Alcan, Ace, Hiawatha and Others.

Shotgun gauges include:  12, 16, 20, 28 and 410ga

Rifles Caliber’s include 25-20, 25-35, 32-40, 40-65, 40-82, 44-40, 45-70 Military, 38-40 & 38-55Win, 32cal Rem & Win, 30cal Army Full Patch, 30cal & 30-30, 32Rem & Win, 33 & 35Win, 35Rem, 300Sav, 30-40Krag, 250-30000 Savage, 22cal S/L/LR and Others   

Remington and Peters Wood Shell Crates

*Vintage Marbles Gun Sites Display complete w/sites*



Many Vintage Holsters – Several Tooled Ones

Mainly Six Shooter Revolver both Single and Double

One Holster Rig Made by Joe Conon Las Vegas/Joe was an Engraver for Winchester



General Sherman – “His Life & Battles” Book Copyright 1886

The Pioneer Scouts 10cts Reader 3rd Edition Copyright 1914 (Rare)

Tex Ritter 10cts Comic Issue #17 June 1953

Many Western Related Books – “The Custer Companion – His Life & & Plains Wars”, “Photographers of the Old West”, “The West that Was”, “The American Cowboy”, “Footsteps of Lewis & Clark”, Story of the Pony Express”, Pictorial History of the Old West”, “Age of the Gunfighter”, “The West”, and many others   

Many Firearms and Gun Related Books – Colt, Winchester, General Firearms, etc

1976 CM Charlie Russell Calendar



(2) McClellan Cavalry/Army Saddles

Vintage Mexican Saddle

Vintage Cavalry Military Boots w/spurs

Vintage Cast Iron Stagecoach Strong Boxes



Vintage Leather Cowboy Chaps

Western Derby & Cowboy Hats

Various Vintage Cowboy Boots

Vintage Leather Cuffs

Various Vintage Spurs – American Cowboy/Mexican

Vintage American Indian Moccasins

Vintage American Indian Breast Collar

Hand-painted Wood Frontier Saloon Sign

Lariats   Brass/Horn Powder Horns  



Bronze “Stalking Brave” Statue by Carl Bauba/large

Bronze “The Mountain Men” by Fredrick Remington/small

Bronze “Sargent” Statue by Fredrick Remington/large

Bronze “Rattler” Bucking Bronco w/cowboy by Fredrick Remington/large

Bronze “Rattler” Bucking Bronco w/cowboy by Fredrick Remington/small

Bronze ‘Winchester Model 94 Rifle” Statue/small

Leather Bucking Bronco Statue w/cowboy

Other Composite Cowboy & Native American Indian Statues



Several Vintage Wood Duck Decoys

Wood & Cork Duck & Goose Decoys

Vintage Mallard Folding Duck Decoys

Bear Paw Snowshoes   Other Snowshoes

Fly Fishing Reels   Large Set of Longhorns

Black Bearskin Rug   Antelope Mount

Older 10pt Whitetail Buck Mount

12pt Whitetail Buck Mount

Genuine Framed Rattlesnake Skin

Large Northern Pike Fish Mounts

Fish Creels  Other Fishing Related



Western 1950’s Motif Metal/Brass Horse Clock

Good Luck Buck Jones & Silver Vintage Guitar

Vintage Gambling Rolette Wheel

Vintage Cast Money Changer Staats Tray Pat Feb 25 1890

Vintage Rope Makers  



Framed Colt Single Action Army Cartridge Revolvers Poster

Framed Winchester Western Sportsman’s Game Guide & Cartridge Guide

Framed Remington Hunting/Game Scene Posters

Framed Bullet Display w/Whitetail Buck

Framed Winchester Poster

Framed John Wayne Sketch Collage

Framed Hornaday Bullet Display

Framed Copy of Rare “The Black Shells” Shotgun Shell Poster

Framed Wells Fargo & Pony Express Prints/Posters

Framed Copy of Buffalo Bill Poster



Framed James Bama “Hunting Outfitter” – (well know Cowboy Artists of America Artist)

Framed B. Foder “Spring Arrival” Watercolor of Buffalo

Framed John Fatter “The Hand is Quicker than the Eye!”

Framed Fredrick Remington Hunting Print

Framed Currier & Ives “America – Field Sports” Dogs Retrieving

Framed John Leone “The Twilight of an Era”

Framed Chuck Dehann “The Cattle Call”

Framed Les Kouba “After School Ringnecks”

Framed Les Kouba “Opening Day on Mill Lac’s” w/Bud Grant

Framed Charlie Russell Prints – various

Framed Gary Miller “Peavey Elevator”

Plus Others –


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