Outstanding Alexandria MN Collection of Firearms – both Hunting and Collector Type including Winchester, Browning, Remington, Marlin, Benelli and Others, Wildlife Prints, Antique and Using Duck/Goose Decoys, Collection of Ammo.

Began: 09/22/18 at 10:00 AM CDT
Location: Dalton Community Event Center, Dalton, MN






LOCATION: Auction to be held at the Dalton Community Event Center, Downtown Dalton, MN.

Directions: Dalton is located approx 10 Miles Southeast of Fergus Falls off 1-94/Hwy 35 then North into town on Hwy 35.


Outstanding Alexandria MN Collection –

One of the Largest and most Outstanding Collections of DU Firearms we’ve ever had the privilege to Sell!


NOTE: Warren has been an avid hunter his entire life as well as an active Ducks Unlimited member being both Alexandria Chapter and State Chapter DU President. Many of these items will reflect his Great Love for the Outdoors, DU and Hunting. Many High Quality Firearms are in this Collection including many beautiful unfired DU Banquet and Anniversary Model Guns. This is a “Must Attend” for the avid Sportsman. 


Live Onsite Bidding along with Simulcast Online Bidding!

See website @ AasnessAuctioneers.com for catalog and click on ICON to Register & Bid

PREVIEW FRIDAY SEPT 21 4-6PM and before Auction Start





100.  Browning A5 16ga. 2¾, Plain Barrel Belgium made, w/box. SN#X24612

101.  Browning 12ga.  2 ¾ 30in Barrel-Vent Rib, New in Box.  SN#01834PY211

101A.  Weatherby VanGaurd 30-06cal Top Feed Bolt Action w/Weatherby Supreme Scope

3-9×44. SN#VX40321

102.  Winchester Model 12-12ga. Feather weight 2 3/4, Plain Barrrel. SN#1835203F

103A.  Remington Model 870 Mag. 12ga. 3in. Full Choke, Vent Rib, DU 1982 Mississippi “The River” SN#DU820754

103.  Winchester Model 12-12ga. High Grade Version, 2 3/4, Vent Rib. SN#Y2004005

104.  Winchester Model 12-16ga. Mod. Choke, Winchester Proof Steel High Grade, Vent Rib. SN#849088

105.  Winchester Model 12-12ga. 2 ¾, Full Choke, Simmons, Vent Rib. SN#1957537

105A.  Weatherby VanGuard 270 Mag. Top Feed Bolt Action w/Weatherby Supreme Scope 3-9×44. SN#VX39595

106.  Winchester Model 12-16ga. 2 3/4, Full Choke, Plain Barrel, Winchester Proof Steel. SN#804227

107.  Savage 22 High power Model 1899, .22 Cal. (High Pressure). SN#161560

107A.  Browning Special Steel 12ga. 2 ¾-3in. Invector Choke, Stainless Reciever, 1989 Ducks Unlimited Wetlands for America-Terry Redlin SN#89DU000676 – New/Never Fired

108.  Winchester Model 12-12ga. 2 ¾, Solid Rib Barrel, Full Choke. SN#1516613

109.  Remington Arms 12ga. Side by Side, Double Barrel. SN#106353

109A.  Weatherby VanGuard 243cal, Top Feed Bolt Action w/Weatherby Supreme Scope 3-9×44. SN#VX38819

110.  Smith & Wesson Model 3000 12ga., Water Fowler, Pump, 3in Vent Rib. SN#FC72779

111.  25 Stevens Favorite Single Shot Model 1915, .25 Cal., Oct. Barrel. SN#M509

111A.  Browning Model A500 Semi Auto 12ga. 2 ¾-3in. Invector Choke, 1994 Ducks Unlimited, Vent Rib Belgium made. SN#94DU00870

112.  Ithaca Mag 10 Supreme 10ga. 3 ½ Vent Rib. SN#100009906

113.  Remington Model 1100 Mag. 12ga. 3”, Ducks Unlimited Atlantic Edition “The Chesapeake”, Vent Rib. SN#DU12012 – New/Never Fired

113A.  Weatherby VanGuard 22-250 Bolt Action w/Weatherby Supreme Scope 3-9×44. SN#VX34717

114.  Remington Model 700 30-06 Bolt Action Ducks Unlimited Edition w/Leupold Scope. SN#1986DU85 – new/Never Fired

115.  Remington Model 870 Mag. 12ga. 3 in. Full Choke, DU 1982 Mississippi Edition “The River”. SN#DU821594 – New/Never Fired

115A.  Ithaca Century Trap Model 12ga.  2 ¾ Single Shot Break Action Engraved Reciever Chamber Proof Tested. SN#58807245 – Pretty Gun

116.  Weatherby Patrician-2 12ga. 2 ¾-3in. Full Choke Ducks Unlimited SN#79-DU0305

117.  Winchester Model 12-12ga. 2 ¾ Full Choke, Vent Rib Ducks Unlimited “Canvas Back Commemorative”. SN#12DU578

117A.  1986 Ducks Unlimited Beretta Model A 303-12ga. 3in. Mag, Vent Rib, 28” Barrel, Semi-Auto Made in Italy. SN#86DU2377

118.  Ducks Unlimited Browning 12ga. Field Model Invector BPS Special Steel 2 ¾-3in. 28” Barrel, 84 DU Pacific Edition “The Coastal”. SN#84DU2677

119.  Weatherby Centurion 2 12ga. 2 ¾ Full Choke. SN#80TM3320

119A.  Weatherby VanGuard 7mm Remington Mag. Bolt Action w/Weatherby Supreme Scope 3-9×44. SN#VX36546

120.  Remington Model 1100 LT-20 Auto 20ga. Ducks Unlimited Special-in box. SN#2012DU81

121.  Weatherby “Orion” Over Under 12ga. 3in. Ducks Unlimited Sponsor Shot Gun 1986-1987. SN#86DU002

121A.  Browning Model 12 Ducks Unlimited 28ga. 2 3/4in Only, Modified, Nickel Receiver, Ducks Unlimited “MAAS” Edition. SN#00572DU028

122.  Remington Model 870 Ducks Unlimited 12ga. 2 ¾ or Shorter, Full Choke, Vent Rib. SN#21DU

123.  Remington Model 1100 1985 Ducks Unlimited 12ga. 2 3/4, Vent Rib, Semi-Automatic. SN#DU852004

123A.  Weatherby 12ga. Mag Centurion II 2 ¾-3in Full Choke. SN#80-TM3003124.  Browning B-80 Auto 12ga.  2 ¾, DU Central Edition “The Plains”. SN#83DU2677

125.  Ducks Unlimited Ithaca Gun Company Model 51 Feather light 12ga. 2 3/4″, Full Vent, Walnut Stock. SN#51DU0987

125A.  Weatherby VanGuard 338-Win Mag. Bolt Action w/Weatherby Supreme Scope 3-9×44. SN#VX35995

126.  Ducks Unlimited Ithaca Model 51 Feather Light 12ga. 2 ¾, 1978 SN#51DU0284

127.  Ducks Unlimited 2005 Beretta 12ga. Over Under 3” 28”Barrel Made in Italy Gardone VT686 Onyx. SN#3376DU2005 ONYX

127A.  Browning Auto-5 12ga. *Special Steel* 3in, 30” Barrel. SN#02089PY151

128.  Ducks Unlimited 1989 New-SKB Semi Auto Model 1900 12ga. 28” Barrel, Vent Rib. SN#SKB89DU1886

129.  Golden Eagle Model 7000 30-06, Top Feed Bolt Action, Monte Carlo Stock. SN#N011825 – Limited Edition/Only a Few of these made

129A.  Browning Auto-5 20ga. 2 ¾” Engraved light Chamber, 28” Barrel. SN#03646PY231

130.  Browning B-80 Auto 12ga. 2 ¾, Central Edition “The Plains”. SN#83DU1980 – New/Never Fired

131.  Browning Gold 12ga. 3in, Invector Plus, 28” Barrel, 1937-1997 60yr Anniversary Edition. SN#060DU01752 – Beautiful Gun – New/Never Fired

131A. Browning Ithaca Model Mag 10 10ga. 3 ½”, Full Choke. SN#100024096

132.  Browning Maxus 12ga. 2 ¾-3in. Invector Plus, 28” Barrel, Ducks Unlimited 1937-2012 75th Anniversary Editiion. SN#2012DU0942-Also with Combo Lock DU Maxus 75th Anniversary Case and Trigger Lock – Beautiful Gun – New/Never Fired

133.  Browning 12ga. Field Model 2 ¾-3in. 28” Barrel, Invector BPS Special Steel, 84 Ducks Unlimited Pacific Edition “The Coastal”. SN#84DU1417

133A.  Beretta A391 3.5 Xtrema 12ga. Auto, Vented, Camo Pattern. SN#AGO14470

134.  Browning Auto-5 12ga. *Special Steel* 2 ¾” 28” Barrel, 1937-1987 Ducks Unlimited 50th Anniversary SN#87DU00676 – Beautiful Gun – New/Never Fired

135.  Browning Auto-5 16ga. 2 ¾” 26”Barrel,  Invector BPS Special Steel, 86 Ducks Unlimited Sweet Sixteen Edition High Grade Stainless Receiver. SN#88DU000640 – New/Never Fired – Beautiful Gun

135A.  Volunteer Ent. Inc. Commando Mark 45 Semi Auto Tommy Gun. SN#52617

136.  Browning Magnum 12ga. 3in. *Special Steel* No Case. SN#69V43482

137A.  Zabala HNOS S.R.C FIRAR Side by Side 410-Made in Spain, Made for Richland Arms, Engraved Reciever. SN#321741

139A.  Remington Model 1100 12ga. Mag Semi Auto 3in. Full Choke. SN#L069953M

141A.  Remington Model 870 Wingmaster 20ga. Mod. 2 ¾” Pump, Vent Rib. SN#V813638

143A.  Marlin Model 120-S 12ga. 2 ¾-3in. Pump-Has Bennelli Arm SPA Mech. SN#A41888

145A.  Heckler & Koch 12ga. Montefeltro Super 90 Bennelli, Vented, Semi Auto. SN#M182514

147A.  Ithaca Model 680 12ga. 2 ¾” Break Action, Chamber Proof Tested, Over and Under. SN#S5635156

149A.  Remington 870 Express Mag 12ga. 2 ¾”-3in. Vent Rib, Pump, Invector Choke. SN#A836473M

151A.  Hiawatha Model 130VR 12ga. 2 ¾” Pump,Vented Rib. No Visable SN#

*Please note – most all Du Firearms sell with original case



Vintage and Using Ammo – Many Vintage “New Old Stock”

Shotgun 12ga, 16ga, 20ga, 28ga & 410ga

Brands include Holiday, Peters, Winchester, Western, Remington, Browning, Alcan, Revelation, Federal Monark/High Power, Bismuth, Imperial, Eley, Wanda, Herter’s, Sears/Ted Williams, JC Higgins, Eley, etc

Many Vintage Boxes of 22cal/complete/Some Unique

Rifle Shells – 300 Savage, 308 Win, 32-40 Win, 30-30 Win, 30-06 Spring, 32 Rem, 30 Army Full Patch, 380 Auto, 45 Auto Rim, 222Mag and 222Cal, and More 

Several boxes various caliber old style Weatherby ammo (some full)

Full box 5mm Remington Ammo (hard to find)

8 sets Herters dies in boxes

Misc Herter’s loading accessories



Lund “Ducker” Aluminum Boat w/3hp Outboard Motor

Evinrude 5hp Outboard Motor

Minnkota 35 Thrust Trolling Motor



Large Collection of Working Decoys

Including Many Duck & Goose Decoys (Ground, Field & Water)

Speckled Bellies, Ring-necks, Divers, Mallards, Bluebills, Herders Golden Eye Decoys, etc

Several New in Box



Mason Bluebill Drake Decoy

Mason Canvasback Drake Decoy

Bluebill w/rigging weight

Several Wood/Cork Duck Decoys

Paper-Mache/Composite Canadian Goose Decoy

Small Mn Bluebill Decoy – marked “Possibly Porter”

Folk-Art Type Wood Decoy

Leather Mallard Duck Decoy



Lac LaCroix DU Collection Canvasback Decoy “L. Denzer” #336

Lac LaCroix DU Collection Pintail Decoy 1989-90 “John Gewerth”

Lac LaCroix DU Collection Mallard Hen Decoy 1992-93 “Robert Capiola”

Wood Carved Bufflehead Decoy 2012 “Marv Meyer”

Unique Canvas/Wood Decoy

Carved Wood Shorebirds

DU Slough Stick (coot head carved by John House) limited edition 200



Wood Fish Spearing Decoys

Western Hand Trap Thrower in box

Herter’s Duck Marsh Wild Rice

Rustible Bulleye in box

Fetch-it Decoy in box

Ducks Unlimited 50th & 60th Anniv Medallions

Leupold 90yr & 100yr Anniv Medallions

Assorted DU Statues and other items

Miniature Decoys & 10 Miniature Ammo Boxes

Limited edition die cast Weatherby Truck

Mountain Man wood carving by John Coulter



Leupold, Weatherby, Federal Hi-Power and Budweiser Metal Signs

Vintage Schmidt Beer Wooden Crate

Schlitz Beer Glasses

Outdoor Milwaukee Post Top Beer Lamp



Mule Deer Skulls and Horns

Pronghorn Skull and Horns



New & Vintage Snow Shoes

New & Vintage Landing Net

Vintage Skeet/Trap Thrower

New Waders Yellow Marker Floats

Various Hunting & Duck Blinds

Strong Build Inc. Ladder Deer Stand 12’



Misc. Camping/Hunting Cookware

Knives (Fillet/Butchering)

Coleman Camping Coffee Maker

Holland Grill



Hunters of the marsh/ Chet Reneson

Blue Bill Print w/ Bud Grant

1981 Mn Duck Stamp Print&Stamps/Redlin

1982 Mn Duck Stamp Print & Stamp/ Scholer

Solitude Canvasback framed print

Van Gilder Lab & Mallard framed print DU shadow box with 12


Auctioneers: Cary M Aasness 218 205 1310, Cody Aasness 218 205 1269, Tammy Tisland 218 766 9607, Rod Mursu 218 640 2231

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